A food hall inspired by the rich history of Buena Park roadside fruit stands and communal grange halls.

A Place For Community

The Grange Hall is a reference to the classic Farmer's Meeting Hall, and number 39 is a reference to the historic route 39 that runs through Buena Park, California.
Grand Hall 39 throws back to the past to bring you the future of Buena Park dining

Honoring the rich agricultural history of Buena Park-and modeled after the communal halls where farmers would gather in the in the early 1900s-Grand Hall 39 highlights an artisan collection of the area's brightest culinary talent and fresh, local ingredients.

Unique fare. Exciting Entertainment. Grange Hall 39. Eat. Drink. Chill.
Now Accepting Exceptional Concetps!
Do you own a restaurant or food truck that you're ready to take to the next level?
Contact us to become a part of the future of Buena Park dining at Grange Hall 39!

We'll set up a consultation about the requirements of becoming a tenant. We're
looking for a mix of talented chef-owners to join us. We'll be opening soon!
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